Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

What is Conversion Rate? Why is it important for your website that you keep track of it? Why is an optimization of Conversion Rate necessary for small business?

Conversion Rate is a percentage of people taking actions on your website that you want them to take. While having an effective SEO and good traffic on your site is quite important, what matters the most is the number of people achieving the goal you want them to achieve on the website. That goal can be a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, the creation of an account, an app download, it all depends on what kind of business you’re leading and what do you want people to use the website for. If the visitors aren’t making a purchase or downloading the app or subscribing, they are not converting. Process of increasing the possibility of visitors completing the action is called Conversion Rate Optimization – CRO.

If you don’t have a good (CRO) conversion rate optimization procedure in place, you can’t be sure you’re reaching these people as effectively as possible. Appropriate conversion rate optimization addresses the on- and off-site processes that cause your visitors to take action. Whether you want your visitors to download your free ebook, complete your lead generation form or convert into paying customers, CRO will ensure that every element of your website and your overall marketing strategy is acting in concert to bring would-be customers closer to the outcomes you desire.

At Digiindiaservices, our CRO campaigns can include any of the following steps:

  • Identification of conversion metrics
  • CRO goal setting
  • Analysis of existing conversion paths
  • Backend analytics installation
  • Split testing analysis and recommendations
  • Visitor feedback collection and follow-up

By using different techniques, skills, practices, you can increase the percentage of people converting. First of all, when should you start with the CRO? The conversion rate optimization will be most effective at the time when there is already a fair amount of traffic on your site. That means that if the website is new, with time, there will be more and more traffic so in the beginning the waiting is advised. You need some data and a consistent supply of that data so you can be able to make educated decisions about steering your website.

So, how to improve website conversion? There are some basic rules, one of the most important being - understand the user’s behavior.

  • Find the problem: There are some steps the visitor needs to take in order to complete an action. See at what step the visitor usually quits and leaves the website. Once you figured out what the problem is you can work on fixing it.
  • Load time: Check if your pages load in three seconds or less. Nothing makes the user go:“I probably don’t really need to see this” more than waiting for the page to load.
  • Aesthetic matters: Pay attention on colors and the way your content is placed. Don’t use more than 2-4 colors, keep it neat.
  • Call to action: It is the first thing that should be seen after entering the site. It should be centered and easy to spot, big and obvious. Also, make sure there is one main goal that is clearly stated and maybe add one or two secondary goals.
  • Try to limit options on the page: Make it as easy as possible for visitors to complete the action.
  • Exclusives: Offering some kind of exclusive content could be very helpful. For example, if you’re trying to get people to subscribe to an online version of a magazine, give them something they wouldn’t normally get with a printed version.
  • Optimization is continuous and strategic: There is always room for improvement. These few hacks are good to begin with, but always keep track on your conversions!

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