What is guest posting or blogging and why it is important for your business?

Guest posting or blogging defines writing and publishing some kind of writing or articles on someone else’s website or blog. Which means a writer who maintains his or her own blog generates an exceptional and unique post on another blog or site with a reference of the writer and generally their website at the bottom of the article.

Guest posting or blogging service offers a wide range of benefits for any business. By sharing or contributing your knowledge on other firms' websites or to their blog.

Benefits of guest posting - to get fast exposure to your targeted traffic, increase your websites’ personal network, inspire the readers for social media shares, boost your social media followers for business page, increase your domain authority, strengthen your backlink profile, increase your brand awareness, and the most important is it will help to achieve better search engine ranking.

Why Digiindiaservices for Guest Posting Service?

Guest blogging or posting service is, without any doubt, a key step for online marketing success. Digiindiaservices is a guest post service provider and blogger outreach services agency for businesses you can trust. We guarantee that your website or business gets relevant backlinks that fetch noticeable results. We tailor services as per your needs and implement your ideas as well. We provide genuine sites, user engagement content, completely natural anchor text for a hyperlink, high-quality white-hat in-content links, and using purely search engine friendly process and techniques.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority

We are committed to customer satisfaction. We make sure that you are happy with the service we do for you. And no need to worry, because we will provide you reliable support even after we deliver your service! We provide customer support through email, websites’ live chat, skype, or call to discuss your project or query.

Dedicated account manager for your requirements

We provide the highest priority for our clients and we try to maintain it that way. We will provide you a dedicated account manager to handle your requirements and that is why we guarantee a respectable response rate.The account manager will take care of customer needs, communicate to control your project with responsibilities to drive your project or task forward.

Dedicated Content Creation Team

The content today is an effective lead generator and sales driver for businesses. All the content we use for your post is created by excellent writers, bloggers, and publishers. Our team has experienced native writers, so you no need to worry about quality and user engagement content.You will get the content always on time with editorial quality.

A Very Strong database of influential websites

As we are handling outreach services from years for our clients and agencies, we have built very strong business connections, with lots of influential websites, reputed bloggers, and publishers collaborating with us. So, you can rest assured about your article being published on any websites relevant to your business. We have more than 30,000+ sites with different niches.

INR170/2 Article


  • INR85 Per Article Post
  • Domain Authority [DA] 20-30
  • Including High-Quality Content Writing
  • Search Engine Friendly Content
  • Increase User Engagement
  • Genuine Website Guaranteed
  • Relevant To Your Business
  • Permanent Dofollow Link
  • Build Online Influence
  • Get Quality Traffic
  • Increase Exposure & Brand Awareness
  • Boost Your Domain Authority
  • Turnaround Time 1 Week

INR300/2 Article


  • INR150 Per Article Post
  • Domain Authority [DA] 30-40
  • Including High-Quality Content Writing
  • Search Engine Friendly Content
  • Increase User Engagement
  • Genuine Website Guaranteed
  • Relevant To Your Business
  • Permanent Dofollow Link
  • Build Online Influence
  • Get Quality Traffic
  • Increase Exposure & Brand Awareness
  • Boost Your Domain Authority
  • Turnaround Time 1-2 Week

INR450/2 Article


  • INR225 Per Article Post
  • Domain Authority [DA] 40-50
  • Including High-Quality Content Writing
  • Search Engine Friendly Content
  • Increase User Engagement
  • Genuine Website Guaranteed
  • Relevant To Your Business
  • Permanent Dofollow Link
  • Build Online Influence
  • Get Quality Traffic
  • Increase Exposure & Brand Awareness
  • Boost Your Domain Authority
  • Turnaround Time 1-2 Week

INR900/2 Article


  • INR450+ Per Article Post
  • Domain Authority [DA] 50-60+
  • Editorial Link Building
  • Fully Customized Process
  • Including World-Class Content Writing
  • Intelligible Content
  • Increase User Engagement
  • Well-known Website
  • Get More Traffic
  • Links From Authoritative Websites
  • Relevant To Your Business
  • Natural & Permanent Dofollow Link
  • Improve Your Online Influence
  • Boost Brand Exposure & Awareness
  • Increase Your Website Authority
  • Quality Publications
  • Pass link juice, For SEO
  • Improve SERP Ranking
  • Turnaround Time 1-3 Week

After buying any above packages please provide us your target URL and with your target keywords. Next, we will start our research phase, find quality niche related to your business and build for you a beautiful, engageable, solid crafted article with links back to your website/blog. After publish we will provide you professional Clearview report.

Get Instant Exposure & Reach Out

Want your website to get instant exposure and reach out to the target audience? The guest posting service is an excellent SEO practice to stay ahead of your competitor. Guest blogging on leading websites and blogs is an excellent way to spread the word about your brand, business, and build image.

Organic traffic is like bloodstream for a business, it can be achieved with guest posting. It also has a positive effect on the online authority and showcases your business as a credible source. In short, a single backlink from an authoritative blog is excellent for SEO of your business website. It can make the content discoverable and also indexable in an organic way.


Grow Your Website Ranking & Traffic

Digiindiaservices is a one-stop destination to get credible, powerful, and high-quality guest postings. We only follow white hat practices that include keyword-based content creation and link building to boost the SEO ranking which will eventually have a positive effect on the organic traffic to your website.

We take complete care when it comes to delivering guest post for a business website. We reach our authoritative website based on the niche and industry. High quality and unique content are crafted to be posted as a guest posting. This guest post will have a link back to your website so that you can expect excellent traffic.

We also deal with enterprise-level links which most of the businesses find almost impossible to reach out and achieve. A quality link from publications, leading websites, authoritative online magazines, etc makes your website incredibly powerful. In addition to it, it also works as an excellent source of organic traffic.

Editorial Link Building Services

We provide well-known, world-class, in-content, premium editorial link building service above domain authority (da) 70+ from top class writers, bloggers and publishers. The editorial link building process is one of the significant ways in which we boost more visitors towards our website as well as an improvement in the website rankings in search engine result pages. Have you ever wondered how your website could get a backlink from websites like -,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and etc.?

Our editorial link services or premium, high quality, well-known, editorial link building services will definitely help you to achieve more benefits. These high performances, popular, trustworthy, high domain, and page authority sites can boost your brand, sales, increase visitors, and website rankings.

Power of Strong In-Content Link Building

A uniquely crafted guest post is a powerful tool to get organic traffic to your website. The expert team of Digiindiaservices ensures, the guest post is sent to a powerful website and it is published on a 100% real and powerful website.

The expert team reaches out manually to leading and high-quality websites. Unique and keyword-driven content is created specifically for the target website. In short, the content is tailor-made based on the audience preference and is SEO focused as well.

    Make A Preference - DA or Organic Traffic

    We provides two types of guest posting service -

    Domain Authority - We assure guest post placement and link from the leading website with excellent domain authority value.

    Organic Traffic - Under this, Digiindiaservices guarantee the guest post placement and link building from an excellent website which has huge organic traffic (you can select the range as well).

    The choice between both depends on your preference and SEO strategy. Both DA and Organic traffic is a must for a website.


Effective Solution

For best guests posting, you need to have high-quality websites and uniquely crafted content. Our experts at Digiindiaservices do all the manual outreach for the right website and create highly engaging content to meet your needs. The high quality and secured guest posting placement at Digiindiaservices are focused to get you the best organic traffic.

How to Get Started?

All you need is to follow 3 steps

Step 1: Share your information with us including URL and anchor text.

Step 2: Based on the manual outreach, we will create high-quality unique content and publish the blog with a backlink to your website.

Step 3: Once the guest post is live, Digiindiaservices provide 100% transparent report with all the needful data, insights, and details.

Guest posting is a smart way to build brand value and image among the target audience. Always reach an expert when you want to publish the quality guest post on leading websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can provide a 'guide' for the editor, however, he or she will ultimately decide which is the best and most natural anchor text and page to link to on your website. These are some of the worlds largest publications and it is likely they will not use commercial terms or link to product or service pages.
The content is written by an editor of the media site. You'll have no control on what they write, however, these are some of the best editors in the world so you're in good hands. Ultimately they'll have the final say on whether they are prepared to link to your site and how they do it.
The editor will be in complete control over this and they will consider previous content that has been written on the media site and also consider carefully how to relate the subject to your website. Whilst the content will be related in some way and it will make sense for the editor to link to you again we have no control over this element. This allows editors to have full control over creativity and ensure maximum acceptance.
Links and mentions will usually be placed within the natural flow of the content and may be in the form of a quote or text referral to your website. The editor will maintain full control over how they will naturally incorporate your link.
We will only provide refunds if we are unable to secure you a placement. We are unable to provide refunds for any other reason.
On average placements will take around 2-6 weeks. Please note that this is approximate and the delivery time will also depend on the publications content pipeline.
Placements usually last indefinitely but we’ll guarantee them for at least 180 days from the time of placement for peace of mind. The majority will be around for years.

Want Premium Editorial Links for your business?
We will send you website list and pricing details. Our pricing plan is very competitive.

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